Cherry Picked Facial
This delicious facial is perfect for all skin types and a great choice for first timers! Jam-packed with vitamin C and loaded with antioxidants, every product is scrumptiously decadent and incredible effective at feeding each skin cell. Our signature firming face-lift massage will ease away stress-lines while light extractions leave your pores toned.

(50 minutes)

The Cherry Bomb Age-Defiance Facial
This facial is for those who want medical spa results without the extravagant prices or clinical environment. Get the same results, in our cozy spa with our one-on-one attention. Featuring all our bells and whistles, this facial includes micro-needling, a deep peel, lip & eye treatments, aromatherapy, and brow sculpting. Consultation required.

(90 minutes)

Deep Detox Blueberry Lift

Created to detoxify the skin & reverse the damage of synthetic products, this facial will give your skin new life! Using deep stimulation, invigorating exfoliation, & deep-reaching serums, skin will feel instantly toned, refreshed, & as smooth as a plump cherry!

(75 minutes)

Cool, Calm, and Youthful
Designed for sensitive skin and rosacea, this facial refreshes and reduces redness and irritation. Using the most powerful calming ingredients in nature’s garden plus cooling therapeutic techniques, this carefully crafted facial will sooth your skin and improve its strength.

(50 minutes)

Even Toned and Pigment Free
Using a clinically proven Natural Hydroquinone Alternative and a professional strength, fruit-acid exfoliation, this deep-reaching treatment will reduce unwanted stains from the skin and support a more even-toned complexion. Each and every product in this intensive treatment is designed to grab unwanted pigment and pull it out of the skin without damaging the skin’s DNA. Safe and nourishing, you will love the results!

(75 minutes)

Black Out Deep-Pore Facial
For those who battle with black heads or combination skin, and love thorough pore-cleaning at the spa, this facial is for you! Anti-aging and pore tightening, your skin will feel smooth and polished.

(50 minutes)

Crystal Clear Deep-Pore Facial
Designed for intensive healing and decongestion of the pores, this acne treatment will disinfect skin and normalize oil production. Using ancient herbal remedies, deep stimulation, and thorough extractions, your skin will be on its way to Crystal Clear in no time!

(75 minutes)

Facial Express
Perfect for clients on the run or for those who need a professional-strength boost between appointments, this treatment will have you glowing in half an hour.

(25 minutes)

Cherry On Top Enhancements:
Arctic Berry Peptide & Stem Cell Peel
Fruit and floral acid peel that rejuvenates skin and lifts pigments.
With facial: $30 Stand Alone Treatment $89
Yam & Pumpkin Enzyme Peel 
Traditional fruit acid/enzyme peel
With Facial: $20 Stand alone treatment: $69
This safe alternative to fraxel LASER treatments is amazing for clients who want results with little downtime. Excellent for reducing fine lines/wrinkles, scars, or dehydration. Available with facials only.

Eye Treatment
Fantastic as a stand-alone treatment or as an add-on to eyebrow wax service or facial, this 3 step treatment prevents and corrects lines around the eyes and includes our signature sinus massage to drain puffiness.
$20 with facial

Lip Treatment
Perfect for keeping lips hydrated, soft, and plump. Add this enhancement to any treatment and pucker up!
$10 with facial


Brazilian: $65 and up
Bikini: $30 and up
Underarms: $25
Lower Leg: $40
Upper Leg: $40
Full Leg: $70
Arms: $50
Upper Lip: $10
Eyebrow: $18
Full Face: $55 (includes cleanse, tone, wax, serum, and moisturizing)

Organic Nail Services:

Cherry-Picked Pedicure

Pick a toxin-free nail polish & your favorite scent of all-natural/organic creams, then relax into our anti-gravity recliner & let us pamper your feet. Nails will be filed & trimmed, cuticles groomed, and soles are scrubbed, and your feet & calves are thoroughly massaged.

(50 minutes) $40

Cherry-Picked Manicure

Using anti-aging treatments that are clinically proven to reverse aging, our manicures will reduce age spots and rejuvenate skin!

(25 minutes) $20

Cherry Bomb Pedicure

Designed for athletes, runners, & those who need more of a therapeutic pedicure, this treatment features ten extra minutes of deep tissue calf and plantar massage.

(60 minutes) $50

Nail Enhancements

Pedicure Express: (20 minutes) $20

Manicure Express: (15 minutes) $10

Shellac/Gellish Removal: $5

Acrylic Nail Removal: $10

Polish Change: $5


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